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What is the Difference Between a Wrecker and Tow truck?

Difference Between a Wrecker and Tow truck

If you’re not someone who works with tow trucks all the time, it’s okay if you don’t know a lot about the different kinds of them. People who work with these trucks get asked questions like, “What’s the difference between a wrecker and tow truck?” a lot. It’s a normal question. But guess what? There are actually big differences between these two kinds of trucks.

In the article below, we’re going to talk about how tow trucks and wreckers are not the same. Learning these differences will help you know more when you need to ask for help.

Wreckers vs. Tow Trucks?

Both wreckers and tow trucks have a job to move cars that are stuck and can’t go on their own. They’re kind of like superheroes for cars that are stuck.

1. Wrecker

A wrecker is like a special kind of tow truck, but it’s extra strong and has some cool gadgets. One of its special tools is a big arm called a boom, and it also has a strong cable winch. These things help the wrecker do some really important jobs. For instance, if a car or truck has tipped over, the wrecker can flip it back. It can also pull a vehicle from a tricky spot on the road or separate cars that got stuck together.

Wreckers come to the rescue when something more than just a regular tow is needed. They’re the heroes for tough situations. They’re also the ones you call when you need to move really big vehicles like semis, trailers, buses, or other big trucks. So, when things get tough on the road, the wrecker is the one that steps up to save the day.

2. Tow Truck

Tow trucks might also come with a boom and winch, but usually, they’re designed with a simple flatbed setup. This setup makes it fast and easy to lift a vehicle. If you only need your car lifted and it’s not stuck away from the road or flipped over, then chances are that a flatbed tow truck will arrive to help you out.

The Key Differences

So, what’s the big difference between these rescue vehicles? In simple terms, it’s all about the size of the task. Wreckers are like the strong champions of towing. They deal with the tough challenges – the big vehicles stuck in tricky spots, the buses that have tipped over, and the trucks that ended up where they shouldn’t be.

On the flip side, tow trucks are like the versatile helpers. They take care of the everyday situations – the cars parked in the wrong place, the vehicles needs battery boosting or a flat tire, and the people who just need a hand to move their vehicle from one place to another.

Dubai Recovery Experts

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